Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Fall Leaf Candles Workshop - New Earth Works

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So incredible experimentation that proved our patience with PVA glue and glass. Probably not the best materials but we managed to keep our designs in one piece glued onto our jars. Thanks you Aiva for its amazing and so beautiful collection of leaves and flowers, we had the chance to use a wide range of different nature element for the decoration of our candle containers. 

The great objective of this workshop was the reuse of jars that everybody can have access to, and the nature elements that anyone could collect from a nice walk one day. We really felt connected with nature this time because we not just had the chance to play with it but also appreciate its beauty.

We still have four more workshops that are going to take place during this summer period, next one it’s about nature collages. It’s going to be a great opportunity to continue developing great pieces of art with the organic touch of leaves and flowers. 

Again, everyone is welcome to join us. You will see that we already are like a small group of people that enjoy this time to relax, have fun and create nice stuff, that at the same time connects us closer to nature.

So as you see, they are so different and so beautiful! Here this next one is mine.

Aga's candle jar. I can really tell it's hers because she has already a very personal style. Beautiful.

So artistic too, here Noemie's jar. I love the pink touch of the flower petals.

Aiva's. So delicate and minimalist at the same time.

And finally Mark's jar. I love the overlapping of layers, so amazing and textured.

 Also I hope this pictures inspire you to give a second use to your jars or any glass/reusable container you have around home. It really gives a fresh air the shop already. 

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