Thursday, July 24, 2014


Creative Canvas Workshop - The New Earth Works

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This has been the second workshop we have organized at the New Earth Works. The creative canvas workshop has given us the opportunity to get to know more creative people that came to join us. It gave us the chance to know them better and to pass a great time all together.

Because we all like to keep creative, sometimes being around creative souls is the best medicine to keep going. So we decided this workshop to be a free creative experiment where each of us could follow it's own path.

We highly enjoyed the cookies and tea/coffee at the beginning because who does not love cookies? I definitely do. I could not find better combination for my coffee..., ok maybe chocolate could.

With a few resources and materials that we managed to put together, we ended with a really nice variety of textured and patterned paper as well as some nice painting colours. I personally enjoyed painting a lot because it was a long time since I worked with them. I probably need to get more experimental with myself and risk the final result a bit more.

You will be able to see how different we are all by this experiment. Some of this canvases represent our feelings, stories or our mood. It reflect us. Just by starting working with your hands on creating something that comes from inside you, you feel how it heals you too.

Lovely result from Aga's canvas. We could not expect less from you. For people who does not know Aga, she is hanging some of her paintings at the shop so come along to see them!

Next my romantic canvas. I am still not sure why I chose those colours but that's the result. An abstract romantic piece of work.

The beautiful experimentation of Aiva's canvas is just feels like magic. The implement of the materials join perfectly all together. Good work Aiva.

Mark wanted to get closer to its creative thinking and I think he is doing fantastic. Your canvas feels really personal and deep from inside you.

Noemie integrated many materials too. It feels like a fairy tale, very experimental, maybe a bit dark but natural a the same time.

Pat on the other hand, created a beautiful piece. It reminds me to a story book, very subtle, with a story behind. 

As I said before, we could not make it more different from each other! So nice to see this variety of creative pieces of work all together. It was fantastic to get to share our points of view at the end, giving our perspective, our ideas behind our work and expressing ourselfs.

At the moment we have them on display in our window! I am sure at the end of the summer the shop is going to be full of creative pieces from this wonderful workshop experience.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated last Friday. 

Tomorrow Friday 25th, we are going to be creating some rugs from our recycled clothes! So feel free to come and join us and give a second use/life to your old clothes.

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